Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The New MyYahoo

I have subscribed to Yahoo in 1999.
There was a YahooGroup I attended and posting to the group required a subscription. So I subscribed, got a Yahoo email account as well. Later on, I populated my MyYahoo page with things I thought I'll read on a daily basis.
I didn't, so I dropped it.
Years later I subscribed to Gmail. The new email account took over my Yahoo mail account overnight. Today, I am using Google Reader, and blog here. Yahoo? I visit my Yahoo page once in a month, if any.
But I do visit that old Group (now classed under TechGroup) every other day. Why is that group so successful, and why MyYahoo is not?
The answer is, of course, usability.
I return to a website that is useful for me.
Gadgets won't do. Usabilty always does.

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