Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Five years from today

The article Google - 5 years from today (Hebrew) claims that within 5 years Google will offer a stronger, AI-based search. Great, of course, but not futurist at all. The immediate analogy is to MS-Windows and MS-Office. Sure, its easier to write user guides on MS-Word 2003 that it was on MS-Word 97. Easier, but nothing more.
I eager for a futuristic view of documentation.
A year an a half ago, when I failed to introduce Wiki to the folks I work for, I introduced it to ... a friend of mine.We met in a pre-birth class, helped our wives to breath-at-command, and moved on to talk about nearly a interesting as topic, naimly, work.
So he implemented a Wiki at his workplace, and a user guide was formed.
This user guide is written by developers;
No resources were assigned to the writing task;
It is written over a very long period of time;
Its accuracy is tested on a daily basis.
It's simply great.

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