Monday, June 25, 2007

Blogging as a form of Procrastination

Inpired by this post I am pleased to announce that earlier this month I have shut down two blogs of mine. Yeap, you don't have to be a teen to have multiple blogs aimed at multiple audience.
The two deceased blogs were quite busy. I wrote 3-5 posts a week per each. I t was fun, it was productive, it help me to a achieve a well set goal and learn something about myself, all in a package of a blog that I could shut down just like that.
Mabe that is exactly the point. Sure, blogs are procrastination. But, they are so as a form of documenting scattered thought. (I alomost worte "managing thoughts") Real life - if held correctly - are purposeful. Blogging - if taken to what they are - are everything else. Blogging means thinking freely. Thinking freely means thinking randomly. Randomness won't achieve any goal for me, but it allows me to recreate and to keep track of my thought at the same time.
The next thought that has just popped up is that procrastination is demoting a short-term goal my daily tasks) for a longer one. Longer, and less definite. Now, I don't know wxactly what I meant by this one, but hey, this is what blogging is all about - keeping track of this halfbaked thought in order to be able to return to it later on.