Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Managing Camtasia Projects

The following notes should help me unify the movies I produce:
Quick-start Movies:

  • U:\My Documents\Internal Documentation\Movies\Quick-start - Selecting Time Range

  • Movies starts and ends with 5 seconds of sterna_logo (same location)

  • Fonts for the movies: Calibri 18, 24, Black.

  • Output size: 800x600, maximum quality.

  • Size: 49 seconds are 3MB.

  • Movie took roughly 2 hours to produce.
I skip the explanation of why movies are better than user guides (more precisely, movies with user guides are better than user guides without movies :)
and goes directly to the problem I have these days: I don't have a template for my movies. They all look roughly the same.
Only roughly.
I would like to make sure they have an identical look and feel (and later: that the viewer will immdediately recognize that the movie was made by me, but this will take a while to achieve).
More posts to come.

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