Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Flatland - the metaphor works in both directions

BlogScholar (to whom I have arrived via Commitment to Living) writes that academics should leverage themselves through the blogosphere.
I am not going to add my two cents to the "of course you should have a blog or two, too". Instead, I would like to state that one of reasons I'll probably won't see the university from within is that all I need to know is available on-line.
Sure, there are lots of things I would like to learn. Moreover, there are plenty of things I need to learn (for example, in order to stay in the business).
However, instead of driving to the nearby university campus, guessing whether I have chosen the right professor for my needs, guessing I know what my academic needs are, and keeping them from evolving throughout a 13-weeks long semester, *
instead of doing all that, I am quick-searching a subject, read a post or two (or two-dozens, depends on how long does it take me to get it straight), post several comments with questions, and always get a decent feedback from the blogger.
The land is, indeed, not flat anymore, and it works for non-academics as well.

* OK, no English professor would ever allow me to write such a long sentence. Maybe the university has a point after all ;-)

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