Wednesday, February 21, 2007

No more printed documentation

We're going to lunch. At the dining room there's a little traffic jam by the cash. So I haste to pick a main dish from one of the isles , some carbs from another isle, a salad or two from the salads isles, skip the bread isle and the soup isle and rush to catch us a table. 10 minutes later the guy I am dining with are arriving at the table. "What took you so long?" I stare at the trays that are so similar to mine.
"So many isle and so many variants to choose from". they say.
Lesson #1: don't force people to think and choose. Fascist, but works fine.
At that very day I made our printed documentation obsolete and made my friends stick to On-Line Help only. Sure, it took me two years to fully carry this decision out, but it passed rather easily.
Next: what's wrong with printed documentation?

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